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Hacker by Salvatore Vuono
Hacker by Salvatore Vuono
The Notorious 9 Digital Caped Crusaders
Captain Editor
GlobalEthix Founder, Editor-in-Chief, also beloved and enlightened leader; Patriot of the Planet Earth, Fights for Truth Justice and the Global Way, though strongly opposed to globalisation. Models himself on Marlon Brando’s character Colonel Kurtz in the film “APOCALYPSE NOW”, paces around the office reciting nonsensical poetry murmuring “THE HORROR” in reference to the current global state of affairs.
Global Girl
SHE’S BEEN AROUND. Our Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Writer, PR Person & Photographer. Global Girl has trotted around the world with her trusted sidekick Paddington Bear; within just a year she’s explored South America from Machu Picchu in Peru, down through the Andes, the Amazon, down to Argentina, over to Worthing, Rugby, London, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, then off to Egypt where she was in the thick of it just before the Arab Spring protests kicked off; we think she started it just to get a good story.
Ghost Writer
Sold his soul to the Devil, but for a good cause, but now scouring the world on his motor bike trying to redeem his soul writing for us exposing the corrupt, greedy and all other evil doings, mainly because the Devil doesn’t want any competition by people stepping on his toes or rather hooves.
iPad Man
Successful Hi-Tech entrepreneur, innovator & philanthropist by day, fighter of corporate grime at night, depending which time-zone he’s in. Used to carry a utility belt of gadgets around with him, but now his iPad is his weapon of choice, always eager to type a new ground-breaking story, whether it’s the latest Hi-Tech & Scientific trends or corruption in the Hi-Tech, Scientific & Weapons world.
Think-Tank Girl
She does all our thinking for us; she’s the smart one in a suit and our Political & Bizniz Analyst / Researcher; does our strategy planning, decides which articles should get published and when, also deals with treatment for the articles. If you disagree with her she run over you like a tank.
The Scribbler
Scribble me this, Scribble me that, who’s afraid of the dirty facts. This Guy is OLD SCHOOL in every sense of the word; doesn’t believe in modern technology and uses an old fountain pen, which does the job, our secretary Tipper had trouble reading his scribbling, so our Hi-Tech superhero designed some software that could decipher his scanned scribbling’s which look like a spider stumbled into a puddle of ink then staggered across the page.
The Enforcer
Works in the Legal Sector by day AND night, as fighting Corporate Crime is his bizniz and bizniz is good. Covers all articles relating to violations of the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) and the UK Bribery Act 2012.
Tipper O’ Negative
Our general admin person, types up everything, makes sure we have a constant supply of caffeine, makes a great cup of coffee, Fair-Trade & organic of course. Also has blood disorders and we think she may be a vampire due to her nocturnal habits and work patterns; but it could be all that coffee she drinks. Due to her lack of sleep, she’s always quite grumpy and negative.
The Green Intern
Our Die-Hard Idealist intern who is concerned about all things environmental and ecological who’ll do anything for a good cause, and for free as she doesn’t believe in the evil monetary system; will work for plants, unwanted pet cats, lettuce leaves, seeds, nuts and other vegetarian delights, all organic of course. We love her “FREE” spirit, that’s why we recruited her.
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"There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion." - Winston Churchill
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