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Julian Assange & WikiLeaks
Interview with Christine Assange Part 2
Julian Assange was given Political Asylum at 1pm GMT Thursday 16th August by Ecuador, which was announced in a live broadcast by  Ricardo Patiño the Foreign Minister for Ecuador, whist Julian is still in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Christine Assange reveals why her son Julian chose Ecuador for Political Asylum as well as discussing other issues in the second part of the interview 30th June 2012.
Julian Assange Speaks at Ecuadorian Embassy
Julian Assange speech Sunday 19th August just from Balcony of the  Ecuadorian Embassy in London exactly 2-months to the day where here entered the embassy to seek Political Asylum, and just 3-days after he was officially granted Political Asylum by Ecuador Thursday 16th August.
Interview with Christine Assange Part 1
Exclusive GlobalEthix interview with Christine Assange, the woman who gave birth to the man Julian Assange who in turn gave birth to WikiLeaks. Saturday 30th June we interviewed Christine Assange, Mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who is currently awaiting inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for his request for Political Asylum in Ecuador to be approved. Christine gives a candid sincere exposé of her son's current position and the circumstances that led to Julian's fight, against what many regard as an unlawful and suspect extradition to Sweden.
Kochan's Korner: Kochan on Corruption
Renowned British Investigative Journalist and Author Nick Kochan highlights how Britain is is setting about to clamp down on bribery and corruption in international business exactly a year after the UK Bribery Act of 2010 was implemented in July 2011.
Letters from Luxor
PR professional and former reporter, GlobalEthix's own Global Girl, who has a passion for traveling. Recently left the 9-5 and spent the last few years crossing boarders and continents from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia and Chile to Egypt, Peru and Thailand. Now settled in Egypt with my husband, Letters from Luxor are my observations on what it's like living in a post revolution county.
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  • Ethix or the lack of in the Mainstream Media
  • Renewable Energy: Why Consumers should switch to Solar & Wind Energy now and how
  • Is Legalising Marijuana Ethical?
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