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Businessman Writing Email by Nokhoog Buchachon
Businessman Writing Email by Nokhoog Buchachon
GlobalEthix Editorial Team
For feedback on articles, or if you have a tip or story you would like to see published in an article on the site, or to enquire about reprinting our articles on other sites.
GEE-Team Twitter Feeds
For any specific queries to the Editor @GlobalEthix
Assistant Editor-in-Chief
General editorial & PR enquiries @GlobalGirl5
Whistle Blowers
If you are aware on any unethical practices at work, in government or in your community and would like to discuss how best to bring them to the public’s attention, we would like to hear from you. Examples of Unethical Practices could include:
  • Human Rights Abuses & Social Injustice
  • Threats to Endangered Species & Animals Cruelty
  • Environmental Pollution & Regulatory Violations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Violations
  • Bribery & Corruption in Business & Government
  • Unethical Business Practices, Monopolies & Anti-Trust Practices
All matters will be treated with the utmost discretion and will not disclose any of your details, as we know from first-hand experience how delicate such matters are. We may not publish an article on your story ourselves, but we know how best to bring attention to your story to the public through our network of contacts in the media and legal sectors as well as NGO's.
General Enquiries
For any general or business enquiries, or to have your organisation's ethical products, services, initiatives or concepts featured in an article on the site.
GlobalEthix is expanding, so we’re looking for ambitious, intelligent, passionate, creative but most of all witty individuals to join our team. We are currently looking for graphic / web designers, and writers to expand our core team.
If you are applying for a reporting role please send us published examples of your work or links to your work online.
If you are applying for a web, graphic design or UX related role please include a website link to your portfolio or examples of your work in a separate attachment.
All candidates should also send us a CV with a covering letter that tells us why you think you should work with GlobalEthix and why we should consider you.
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"We cannot always oblige; but we can always speak obligingly." - Voltaire
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