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Frying Europe with Greece: A Greekonomic Tragedy
Wednesday July 4, 2012
Sunday June 17th Greece underwent a second round of elections for voters to decide Greece’s future on Eurozone membership, Austerity and Anti-Austerity. The election was still not a decisive victory for any of the parties resulting in a Greek Parliament led by only two Pro-Bailout parties, New Democracy which got 30% of the vote which formed a coalition with Pasok (Socialist Party) which got 12% of the vote, and the rest of the 58% of the votes going to Anti-Bailout parties led by Syriza which got 27% of the vote, with the remainder being a mixture of independents, leftist, communist and ultra-right-wing parties. So the people of Greece still remains split over the Bailout, the Euro and even EU membership.
How did Greece get to the position it is in now? Germany, the leaders of EU countries and even the Media blame the Greek people for being lazy and not paying their taxes. However, how can such a relatively small population push the Greece’s national debt to its current levels which led to Greece’s economic collapse and the on-going mass riots in Athens which started the summer of 2011 over EU austerity measures, leading to a political mess resulting in the resignation of the Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou on 10 November 2011 who was replaced by the unelected Lucas Papademos former Governor of the Bank of Greece when Greece transitioned from the Drachma to the Euro?
Lucas Papademos who was also Vice President of the European Central Bank, had close ties to Mario Draghi, the new President of the European Central Bank as of November 2011; Draghi was also former Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs. It is well known that Mario Monti, Italy's new Premier is also an International Advisor for Goldman Sachs. Italy, which also started suffering a major economic crisis since 2011 resulting in the resignation of Premier Silvio Berlusconi, is seen as another victim of Goldman Sachs’ agenda. All clues to the economic tragedy in Greece point to Goldman Sachs.
Goldman Cooked Greece's Books - Official
Goldman Sachs is no stranger to scandal or controversy and is regarded by many world-wide to be the bank that kicked off global economic meltdown in 2008, as well as the most corrupt financial institution in the world.
Many people blame Goldman Sachs for bringing the Greek economy to its knees, allegedly through specious advice and consultations it provided to the Greek government on its position in the Euro, Government Bonds, CDS (Credit Default Swaps) and an initial loan of €2.8 billion of which €500 went back to Goldman Sachs along with other concessions for its consulting fees. The initial debt of €2.8 billion compounded with interest, more borrowing to cover the initial debt, then in conjunction with Credit Default Swaps in the form of toxic complex Derivatives spiraled out of control into a vicious cycle to Greece’s current position with foreign debt of around €360 billion, for a population of 10,787,690 or around €33,370 per head.
British Journalist and Author of "The Devil's Derivatives" Nick Dunbar can be regarded as the first Oracle of Doom to warn people of the impending “Greekonomic Tragedy” in 2003. His report on BBC News' flagship current affairs program Newsnight brought attention highlights exactly how Greece got into debt.
In light of all the recent reports and evidence that has emerged, one action the people of Greece can take is to file a civil complaint with the SEC / Securities & Exchange Commission in the United States, against Goldman Sachs and the members of the Greek Government Goldman Sachs had dealings with for putative violations under the SEC Act of 1934 associated with the €2.8 billion loan; possibly even file a criminal complaint with the US Department of Justice for putative FCPA / Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations.
The Goldman Fleece
In short, Goldman Sachs is seen by an overwhelming majority of people as a recklessly greedy organisation run by a corrupt crony network, misleading its own clients ensuring no matter what happens in the markets, Goldman Sachs benefits from losses even the losses they cause. Goldman Sachs is also regarded by people even in the Financial Sector as an extortion racket that abuses its powerful leverage position and links to the US Federal Reserve printing press, leaving a trail of destruction wherever it does business, with its ultimate victory, the possible collapse of the Eurozone, perhaps even staging a coup for the hostile taker over of the EuroZone through bailouts, ultimately subsidised by the taxpayer, with the Bankster Elite acting as the Middle Men. In the end, Goldman Sachs, acting like ancient marauding pirates of the Aegean has seized its Golden Fleece.
Obviously, whatever ingredients Goldman Sachs used when cooking Greece’s Government books, the recipe that created the economic tragedy in Greece were extremely unhealthy like deep fried fast food causing a cardiac arrest for the Greek Economy; though it seems Goldman Sachs had their desserts making a very nice cake for itself and eating it, leaving many Greeks starving, even abandoning their children, and the highest number of suicides in Greek History; in one incident in late May 2012, a 91-year-old woman and her 60-year-old Greek son committed suicide by jumping to their deaths together from their 5th floor apartment. In addition to that there was the horrific incident where an elderly chemist who set himself on fire.
Even though there were allegations of extensive corruption in the Greek Government, it is likely Bankers took advantage of such situations, possibly even ensuring bribes to Greek government officials were funneled back into offshore accounts.
The Greek Government and EU officials also accused the Greek people of not paying taxes, but this got worse after Greece joined Euro when prices of local agricultural goods such as tomatoes increased in price up to six-fold. The Euro economic system engineered by Germans, enforced on Greece, was clearly not compatible with the Greek culture.
This is exactly the kind of recipe for disaster that happens when external entities do business in strange foreign cultures and environments; the indigenous people somehow get wiped out; in this case Greeks being force-fed a change of diet with foreign economic recipes contaminated with tainted ingredients resulting in the economic plague which has spread to the Eurozone and infected Europe’s economy.
Once, Ancient Greece united under Alexander the Great crushed what can be regarded as another EU, the Eurasian Union ruled by the Kings of Persia. Ancient Greece gave the world the concepts of Democracy and Economy; perhaps modern Greece will set a new benchmark with Democracy, possibly collapsing the house of cards that is the EU.
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Nick Dunbar
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