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GlobalEthix launched 4th July 2012, honouring the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, promoting its principles of rights and ethics.
Whether it’s reporting on a new ground-breaking technology that can benefit mankind, a social initiative in the Third World, or dubious duplicitous corrupt and unethical shenanigans by companies, politicians, bankers and other high profile people and organisations, our aim is to report it. The emphasis is to promote ethics in policies, initiatives, and concepts; from renewable energy technologies, business practices, but to also question the ethics of business leaders, politicians, government policies, mainstream media and social trends.
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Our team members have been involved in many areas where the question of ethics has arisen; everything from investigative journalism, under-cover reporting, writing books, high-profile legal cases, speaking on controversial issues in news media, covering issues such as bribery and corruption in government and business, media ethics, corporate social responsibility, environmental initiatives and more. Even situation where one of the team was consulting on a sizeable real estate projects where investors, mainly banks and fund managers were willing to pay millions of Dollars’ worth of bribes demanded by senior government officials for the projects to get approval to be developed beyond zoning limits. In some cases our team members have been exposed to bribery, been victims of corruption and injustice or involved in exposing unethical practices. So we thought we’d do something about it.
At GlobalEthix we believe that looking at the news and events from a different angle to give our valued readers a deeper and more objective understanding of what's going on around the world, where possible with satire and wit for a more interesting reading experience. We also know that the world is full of amazing and shocking stories that never get reported or suppressed due to agendas by the Mainstream Media, Big Business and Politics.
We’re here to enlighten our readers and to make those without Ethix nervous.
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"Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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